Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! I’ve got some blog posts here (not as many as I should, but I am working on that) and some short stories for your entertainment. I write about weird and unlikely things like lobsters holding Fight Club in restaurant tanks, ogres and gods just trying to make a living, and odd people in laundromats….so far. There’s more weirdness where that came from, I just have to get into publishable shape.

I hope you’ll stay awhile and enjoy a little distraction. I enjoy chatting to people who stop by, too, so leave a comment and some feedback if you’re so inclined.

More about me!

I’ve been reading since I was four; my first book was the Disney version of ¬†The Three Little Pigs, which I read to my mother (who was suitably impressed). I’ve been writing since grade five, a habit that coincided directly with my discovery of the book¬†Harriet the Spy. Turns out that whole writing thing wasn’t just a fad after all. I’ve been keeping notebooks of stories, terrible poetry and journals since then.

I went to the University of Ottawa in Ontario and received a degree in English Literature which introduced me to some amazing writers and taught me how to figure out why they were so amazing. I used that degree to work a series of totally unrelated jobs (popcorn maker, office lackey, burger flipper, retail clerk…) and then I discovered that writing training and software manuals was a real job you could get paid real money to do, so I did that for several years while longing to write fiction instead (and not just in the evenings with a head full of technical manual).

So, I now work on contract as a writer for hire. I still do some technical writing, but I also write website content and stories and am even working on a novel! When contracts are scarce, I organize people’s tax papers because getting paid to buy things at Staples is awesome – plus, people get their tax papers organized and that warms my fussy little heart.

I’m not officially published anywhere (unless this website counts, which I think it kind of does), and I don’t count the two god-awful poems that got published when I was in university because they were truly awful and should never have been published. I am exceptionally bad at writing poetry (if you’re picturing over-angsty nonsense, you’ve got it right).

When I’m not bashing away at the keyboard, I can be found reading everything I can get my hands on, hiking with friends all over North Vancouver, eating things in Deep Cove after stand-up paddling, or crocheting cute little monsters and other wooly creations.