Birthday monsters

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Birthday monsters

When I was a kid, I LOVED having my birthday.

I’d go to bed on November 10th absolutely sure that when I woke on November 11th, I’d be obviously older, smarter, wiser, and worthy of more adult privileges like staying up later and not being treated like the kid I no longer was. And even if none of that happened, there would still be presents and cake to enjoy, so I couldn’t lose even if I did have to be in bed by 8:30 p.m. and keep being bossed around by grown-ups.

Now that I’m 38, I’ve lost a little of that excitement and hope. I have gained a little wisdom, but only by putting myself through difficult things that Little Me would have disdained (“If that boy is mean to you, or makes you feel sad, just don’t be his friend any more. ¬†Now let’s colour, OK?”).¬†Still, despite the dumb things that my older self has done (or not done) that have made my life more difficult than necessary, I do still enjoy a nice gift and a slice of cake (though, I no longer expect these things the way I once did).

So, yesterday I met up with my lovely friend Ms. von Bossypants, and she presented me with this awesome, three-eyed little monster from the Monster Lab on Salt Spring Island:


Acme the monster from Monster Lab

Acme and his new friends (L to R – The Maw, Lurky, Acme, and Totoro)

His name is Acme, and he’s got stringy legs (so he can’t stand without some serious assistance), but he can see pretty well out of all three eyes, so that makes up for it. Plus, he’s a friendly looking little guy and he seems to be getting along pretty well with my Murloc and other critters.

Joe treated me to a great sushi dinner, and then made me some chocolate mint brownies (instead of birthday cake) for dessert. We spent the rest of the evening eating brownies, listening to Jonathan Coulton, and playing video games with the sound off.

OK, maybe I haven’t grown up as much as I thought.

Credit: I took the photo, but all credit goes to the Monster Lab for making photogenic monsters.