Is this thing still on?

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Is this thing still on?

It’s been awhile since my last post (seven weeks and six days, but who’s counting?). ¬†What have I been doing in that time? Well, a number of things:

  • I went to Ontario to see my family because it had been two years since my last visit. I had a great time. I saw two plays at the Stratford Festival (Merchant of Venice and Othello) with my Dad – and we had amazing seats for both. I also drank a fair bit of home-made wine on the back patio (really good stuff), while tossing a bright orange squeaky ball for my parent’s dog, Dodge. The only bad part was not getting to see my sister as much as I would have liked.
  • I have been making things with crochet hooks and knitting needles (teddy bears, octopi, dishcloths, and felted wool bags) – and getting requests for these things from people who see them.
  • I cooked a 20 lb. turkey for Thanksgiving for Joe, and some friends, and it turned out really well.
  • I discovered that you can only eat so many turkey leftovers for lunch and dinner. I am really very tired of turkey now.
  • I cleaned up all the half-dead plants on the balcony, dried the herbs that survived my neglect, and scrubbed down the balcony and my now empty plant pots. My balcony looks really bare and strange.
  • I re-caulked the bathtub because the old caulk was peeling off and it looked nasty. It was actually quite easy to do, and it looks about a thousand times better (Note: pay more for the stuff that makes you tub usable in three hours instead of 12 – it’s worth the extra money).
  • I have been working with the City of North Vancouver to stop the patrons of a certain restaurant across from our building from screaming/yelling/shouting etc., in the street from 7 p.m. to damn near midnight every night in creation. Things are in the good part of the cycle of noise for now and I’m enjoying the relative quiet while it lasts.

Did I do any writing? A little – most of it was putting down the beginnings of stories and some random ideas on paper. Some of those ideas are refusing to do anything more than take up space on the page, and some of them are shaping up nicely and wanting to become more.

I have a tendency to put my own work on hold when I start new jobs so I can devote myself to getting things working in such a way that they do not require constant vigilance and can be cared for easily and well. ¬†However, this approach takes time and effort that leaves little time, and even less brain power, for making things up and writing them down. I think I’ve got the kinks ironed out in terms of what I’m supposed to be doing, what I can take on and do well, and how to keep things from falling down around my ears.

I think.

I hope.

Time to shake off the cobwebs and get back to it.

Credit: I have no idea who this photo belongs to, but will happily take down/give credit if anyone does know.