Feedback? Yes please!

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Feedback? Yes please!

Just as soon as we get this WP domain mapping issue figured out.

This site is new, and my other website, is now linked in the back end through WordPress’s multi-site function – but the multi-site/domain mapping appears to be causing issues!

When my sites are not mapped to my domain names – everything works beautifully. But as soon as we map them…no comments, I can’t see anything I’ve posted for an hour after I’ve posted it, and the WP dashboard disappears when I preview my site, and the issues may or may not also be linked to my user names as other admins are able to sometimes not have these issues.

I also can’t seem to change one of my user email addresses because the one I want to use is apparently “already in use” – even though it isn’t. We’re not sure why any of this is happening yet.

Until this gets sorted out, I encourage all readers to send feedback and ┬ácomments via my “contact” page which is working just fine, and I will post all comments, and my replies, on the site when everything is working like it should.

At this point, I’m sort of thinking “nuke it from orbit”, but that’s just my annoyance talking. If any of you lovely readers are more savvy about WP issues than I am, I’d really, really love to hear from you. Seriously – I will make you a little monster and mail it to your house with a thank you note.

Credit: Pinkie Pie Puzzled by Mysticalpha on deviantART.